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Hi there.

Let’s be real. ‘About’ sections are the awkward introductions of the Internet. The kind you say when you're in a new group, reluctantly pointing at your name badge and ending with something about yourself that 'most people don't know' or couldn't care less about. 


I’m Brian, and I live in Margate (UK) with my wife and three, soon to be eighteen, year old son. And I like to write funny stuff.  These are things that pop into my head during the day that make me laugh out loud and make others think I'm going crazy.  To feign normality, I  created this website to share what I've written or drawn. 

Here's what people are saying already:

"Who's Brian?" - random man on street

"You created a website?" - Parents

"So - wait - when do you actually explain stuff?" - Anonymous Friend

"I guess you're sorta funny?" - Wife

"Latte for a 'Funny' Brian!?" - Local Barista

Hope you enjoy.  Follow me @StuffExplaining!



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