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Robin's Public Apology

Thank you all for coming this morning. I would like to address a comment I mistakenly made on Friday in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in Gotham. I was there to pursue a lead on Joker, who, as may you know, is one of Gotham’s most notorious criminals, and who, as may not know, is also crazy for tacos. Excited by some intel inside Taquitos Loquitos, a well-respected taco shop, I regretfully exclaimed: “Holy Guacamole!” Someone captured this on their phone and posted it online, which has now gone viral. I exclaimed out of excitement, not to offend anyone. But I have come to understand that this was culinary appropriation, which is extremely offensive. So, to Gotham’s Hispanic community, I apologize.

The video has also brought to my attention the other cultures and groups I may have disrespected while protecting Gotham over the years. Groups like the Italian community when I've said things like: “Holy Ravioli” and “Holy Cannoli”; the Christian community with “Holy Reincarnation” and "Holy Hallelujah"; and Vegans with "Holy Cow" and "Holy Hamburger". These are not okay. And so, to anyone I may have also offended, I am sorry.

I would also like to address a few Tweets that have recently resurfaced, particularly the ones where I repeatedly called Penguin ‘Sappy Feet’, uploaded an 18-second video where I mocked Bane’s voice or lack of one, and mistakenly addressed Poison Ivy, who identifies as a plant, by the incorrect pronoun. When I made the comments, I did not appreciate that we are all born different. But after much reflection in the last three days, I understand that now.  If you’re watching this, Penguin, Bane and Poison Ivy, I am truly sorry. 

Finally, my use of ‘Robin’ has also been rightly challenged by several bird activists. I've realized now that it has been wrong to appropriate the name of a species I do not share any biological attributes with. So, to all robins in Gotham and around the world, and to any children, pets, or imaginary friends named after me, I am deeply sorry.

I have learned a lot about myself since Friday. It is clear I have a lot of growing up to do, and I would like to spend the next few months reflecting on my actions and developing myself for the better. Therefore, effective immediately, I abdicate my responsibilities as vigilante and publicly resign as Humanperson's sidekick.

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