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Grammarly's Personalised Ad

Writing sucks. We know. At Grammarly, we work to make sure you practically don’t write at all. We do the work for you.

How did that letter to Rebecca go the other day? Did it have the impact you were expecting? She might have stayed with you if you hadn’t written so many passive sentences. But, nope. Maybe you should have cut the 3,000 word preamble. Just saying - that’s our job!

Let’s take a key part:

I’m leaving you after years of mental and physical abuse. You can keep the kids and the damn dog.

Sure, it delivers the message. But is it really delivering your emotions? We don’t think so. I’m sure Rebecca doesn’t either. Women love strong verbs. Try: Your mental and physical abuse has suffocated me for years. Wow! See the difference?

The same goes for the letters you wrote to Kyle and Brittany.

You kids are amazing. I wish I was with you.

Another passive sentence. Seriously? I don't blame them for not returning your calls. Maybe next time try: You kids amaze me every day. Amazing - like our service!

And how about that ‘note’ you wrote a few days later? It needed a definite make-over. I mean, this one was only three sentences long.

No one listens. I’m fed up. Today I finally decided to end it all.

Don’t worry, we listen, and finally needs to go. Otherwise, stronger verbs this time and succinct.

Still, let’s face it. You’re not going to make it as a writer. We know. We’re Grammarly! Why not just plagiarise next time?

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