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Quiz: Self-Help Entrepreneur or Federal Inmate?

1. They have a disciplined morning routine.

2. Their day is entirely scheduled.

3. They are one of millions.

4. They have professional head shots.

5. They make time for self-reflection and meditation.

6. They value reading time.

7. They study the law when they need to.

8. They talk about their past to those who will listen.

9. They live outside their comfort zone.

10. They know their rights.

11. They spend a lot of time in the gym.

12. Their meals are served in small portions.

13. They network with like-minded people.

14. They have a side hustle.

15. Loyalty is important to them.

16. They can spot an insecure person a mile away.

17. They practice assertiveness every day.

18. They feel comfortable doing squats and lunges while they talk to others.

19. They keep a gratitude journal.

20. They schedule family time.

21. They have a history of taking risks.

22. They learn from their mistakes.

23. They spend a maximum of 25 minutes outside each day.

24. They focus on what they can control.

25. They say very quotable things.

26. They have a disciplined evening routine.

27. They take their sleep seriously.

1 – 27 Self-Help Entrepreneur

1 – 27 Federal Inmate

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