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The Strike Eagle Nerf Blaster Gives You Accuracy, High Performance and A Total Confidence Boost

Ramp up your A game with the Strike Eagle Blaster. Take control of the battlefield with Nerf’s highest performing blaster. From its ten dart rotating drum to its highly accurate scope, this blaster will once and for all stop your enemies from laughing at your overly energetic and remarkably deep voice used for blaster commercials.

The Strike Eagle Blaster comes with a customizable frame to give you flexibility for any mission. With modules like the all-new Hyper Switch-Fire trigger that gives you three trigger settings and realistic blasting sounds. You may have the chops to do the blasting sounds yourself, which you’re extremely talented at, but why not let the Hyper Switch-Fire Trigger do the work for you?

Or why not add the Turbo-Ten Clip to give you unstoppable firing power? It comes with three-magazines’ worth of darts locked and loaded for any attack. Even from your parents. For those times when they assail you with things like “Nerf Blaster Commercials? You gave up your job to do one commercial?” or “Stop pointing that thing at me. Look, you’re almost thirty-nine and still living with us. You can’t walk around Wal-Mart with a Nerf Blaster strapped to your shoulder. And NO, the second amendment doesn’t protect you”, you’ll be ready.

Not satisfied? The Strike Eagle Blaster is completely glow in the dark, too. Ideal for tactical night time missions, this blaster will give you total confidence in the dark. Whether it’s to show off the perks of your voice-acting gig to the boys that doubted you at the dim-lighted sports bar or to impress Amanda behind the bar, the Strike Eagle Blaster is there to give you total control of any situation.

The world is a battlefield and sometimes you need the right equipment to survive - and maybe to look cool, too. For jaw-dropping performance and ultimate comfort for your deepest insecurities, get your hands on the new Strike Eagle Blaster.

*Batteries and Super Cool Voice Not Included

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