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Ways to Be Hip in Margate

March to the beat of your own drum. You can find some nice ones at Scott’s. Have a unique style. There are several unique styles in Margate. Try to copy one of them. Read obscure books. Then read their Wikipedia pages. Walk to Margate Pier and look pensively at the sea. Bring a photographer – if possible. Collect seashells. Start a friendly rivalry with the Shell Grotto. Grow your own vegetables. Best eaten with store-bought vegetables for maximum flavour. Always wear at least one thing from the 70s. 1870s. Shop for quirky glasses. It’s a well-known fact that hip people are always found shopping in a Specsavers or Boot’s Opticians. Keep a journal. Write about your seashells and ways to collect more than the Shell Grotto. Become an artist. Buy some brushes and watercolours from Lovelys oand give it a try. Start with something simple, like a drum.

Always ask for a Wisconsin cocktail. If they don’t make them, settle for a hand-pressed apple juice. Then, tell the bartender about the time you read about Wisconsin. Only consume organic coffee beans. The best ones are from Colombia. They have a great crunch to them. Cycle. Then cycle some more. Recycling is hip. Write a poem about Margate. It absolutely is so great.

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