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Young Boy's One-Man Show Surprises and Inspires at Park

LONDON - An anonymous young boy stunned sunbathers at Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon after delivering an impressive, impromptu performance. Being referred to just as “Mama”, the performance lasted only three minutes, but has left an edible impression on those that were there. Here are some of their reactions.

Ann: “Wow, honestly, wow. We were just there having our prosecco when this boy comes running out-of-nowhere yelling “Mama! Mama! Where’s my mama?”. Like the others, I was stunned. We were there to lie in the sun, but were unexpectedly treated to a fine performance. He went up to several of us, individually telling us that he wanted to go home. Was this a cry for Britain to return to the EU? Perhaps. A lot was said in those few minutes. I think we have a prodigy on our hands.”

Richard: “Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. You can tell that the boy gave it his all. There was something visceral about his performance that it literally gave me goosebumps. That’s raw talent for you. For a boy about three or four, he sure knew how to act. The part when he ‘poo-pooed’ his pants really spoke to me. I think as a society we all like to think we have things under control, but really we’re just shitting ourselves. Brilliant.”

Florence: “In my forty-eight years of reviewing performances in the West End and plays in parks around the United Kingdom and Europe, nothing has moved me as much as the young boy’s performance on Sunday. As much as I wanted to help the boy, I had to remind myself that this was theatre. It was ingenious. I was rapt by his talent. When he started to talk gibberish amongst his tears, I knew it was calculated and perfectly timed. I’m glad to see that our future generations will continue the legacy of fine theatre. I was lucky to be there.”

The boy was last seen being scooped by a man believed to be his father. His performance inspired another impromptu enactment by a woman repeatedly yelling “Oliver”, though it wasn’t as well received.

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