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Humor Pieces

Negatives into Positives - 251

A Friendly Reminder That We Still Have Your Son Held for Ransom - Points in Case


Mime Story  - 251

In Response To Last Night’s Violent Game Of Adult T-Ball - Widget


You Have Been Invited to Spar with Bob “The Bard” Dylan Greener Pastures


List: Daily Affirmations for Conspiracy Theorists  - Points in Case


On Today's Video, I Will Show You How to Mindfully Eat a Cupcake - Points in Case

The Ten Commandments for Owning and Operating thy Popemobile  - 251


Adoption Profile For Cheddar, A Sweet Gerbil Who’s Definitely Not A Murderer  - Slackjaw

GoFundMe Profile: Help Me Live My Life Before I'm Forced to Get a Job by Mom  - Points in Case

Party City Worried They're Not Doing Enough To Promote Mexican Stereotypes  - Flexx

Secret Recordings Taken at My Office’s Water Cooler  - 251

How I’ll Deal with Gibbles the Clown at My Son’s Birthday Party - 251

This Napkin I’ve Just Thrown At You Has My Number On It (And A Message, Too!) - Slackjaw


Life Coach And Soup Expert Sydney Soup (AKA Mr. Soup) Answers Your Questions - Slackjaw


FYI: Valentine’s Day Is Also Cupid’s Assistant Appreciation Day  - 2 Ho Ho Ho's

Dos & Don’ts For Your First Virtual Date  - Greener Pastures

Santa Replies to Timmy's Christmas Letter from 1997 After Finding It in His Spam  - Points in Case

A Letter to Scott, My Best Friend, Who Falls in Love Every Christmas with a City Girl  - 2 Ho Ho Ho's



Short Stories

Self Help  -Thanet Writers

Orange Peels in the Sand  - Margate Mercury Magazine

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